1Miklye WestonRB/LB9010
2Alejandro CalveraRB/DB/K15511
7Quinn LongRB/DB1209
9Karter HylandWR/DB18011
11Marty RossWR/DB15512
13Dawson GullicksonWR/DB14511
14Jozey NesladekRB/LB1359
15Nate RossQB/DL2109
16Thaddeus WisenbaughRB/LB1209
17Colin MayerTE/LB1509
18Hayden EvansQB/DB16011
19Ghavin BeisWR/DB1259
21Hawk MaxWR/LB19012
22Paden BaireyRB/LB1309
23Alex McGeeTE/DE22511
24Gabe GarciaTE/DE20012
25CJ YostRB/DB1609
26Jasiah ThompsonRB/LB19012
27Trey NeilanRB/LB14511
34Swade ReisTE/DB1609
36Remington RossowRB/LB18012
42Garret RistauRB/LB15011
44Ty GraesserRB/LB1409
50Caleb BlasingameO/D Line25510
52Noah HutmacherO Line/LB1809
53Sheldon MayerO/D Line1659
55Ruger ForesterO/D Line24012
58Wyatt PowersO/D Line19010
59David NewtonO/D Line19010
63Zac ToeringO/D Line21510
66Brooks SwansonRB/DE22510
70Rudy Black BullO/D Line21010
72Nash HutmacherO/D Line30512
73Jackson SoulekO/D Line27511
75Buster ReisO/D Line16511
76Caleb BorahO/D Line27010
77Gunner RistauO/D Line24011
78Jude ColombeO/D Line2609
81Thomas PowellRB/LB14010
83Kobly HylandTE/DE21011
84Sellyck McManusTE/DE22510


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